Sense has many shades of meaning, for us they always involve understanding or becoming aware.

We curate, promote, and produce live experiences with an aim to support, celebrate and collaborate with independent artists, creators, and communities. We focus on promoting and progressing a more sustainable, conscious, and kind cultural landscape. 

Sense was born out of club culture, a collective love of electronic music, ritualistic dance, and the coming together of people in a shared experience. This has played an influential role in our lives, giving us an important outlet to express ourselves creatively and to contribute culturally. It has helped us build relationships, form friendships and develop our community.

It is incredibly important to us that we help uphold, celebrate and evolve the role electronic music and clubbing play in Irish art & culture. We support anyone who proactively contributes or supports the scene as well as those who campaign for positive changes to nightlife in Ireland, including organisations such as Give Us The Night.


We believe art & entertainment should be accessible by all. We are committed to giving equal opportunity for people to create, perform and experience live events.  

We have the responsibility and intention to make all spaces accessible, enjoyable, and free of intolerance regardless of race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, socio-economic, gender identity, or sexual orientation. By joining us in this space, you agree to celebrate and respect everyone. 

Where possible we allocate a number of tickets at a reduced price exclusively for those in receipt of Unemployment Benefit / Jobseeker Allowance / or in the process of seeking Asylum.  If you are over the age of 18 and hold a relevant ID card to the above you can purchase these select tickets. Subject to availability.

Safe Spaces

At all our events we hope to create a space that is welcoming and inclusive. We believe every person, including partygoers, performers, and event staff, are entitled to an environment free from hate speech, violence, predatory and discriminatory behaviors. We encourage you to contact venue/security staff, or event organizers if you witness or are on the receiving end of acts of this nature at any one of our events.  

We recognize that we live in an imperfect world, but we and our staff are continuously learning and committed to working with our partners to get to a transformative place where all members of our diverse community can lose themselves, feel safe and free to do so, at all of our events.